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Increasing Confidence with Teddy and Tumble at the Nursery

Posted 19/1/2017

From this week, we'll be introducing Teddy and Tumble to our Gange and Queensbury nurseries.


At the CK Gange branch, Teddy will be going home with one of the children this weekend.

At Queensbury, the children will be hosting Tumble.

If you remember from a few months ago, the children at Harrow looked after Upsy Daisy. You can read more about this here.

The benefits of the children taking these bears home is to enhance their communication skills in front of their peers, and improve their confidence. 

After each weekend, the child will present to the group and share their experiences with the bear. For example, the parents may have taken the child and the bear to the farm, or the airport, or the supermarket, and the child would then speak about these events after.

This provides a real opportunity for children to open up and speak about their day to their parents on a daily basis.