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Welcome to Christchurch Kindergarten

Christchurch Kindergarten Children's Nursery has been established since 1970. A friendly private Kindergarten, providing quality pre-school education within a welcoming, safe and caring environment. 


Vision Statement

Christchurch Kindergarten Children’s Nursery Limited


Our vision is to support families in the important task of nurturing their children.

Our goal is “helping little people develop and grow”

and to provide children with a

“head start in life”.


We are committed to providing a family atmosphere with consistent professional standards.  We want to build on the good practices of care given at home to provide stability and continuity for your child.


We understand that each family is unique and so we will encourage families to share with us their

child’s needs and interests, how they learn and the things that are important to them for their continued education and care in the Kindergarten environment.


Our passion is to see the children blossom to their full potential by having a robust

Parental Partnership.


We believe that your child deserves the best possible start in life and we work as a team to ensure that they achieve this.


Our continuous improvement of Christchurch Kindergarten lies at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud to have a 'good' rating at our Harrow, Queensbury, Gange & Edgware branch. Our aim is now to achieve this ranking across all six branches in forthcoming inspections.


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