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42 Responding to Safeguarding or Child Protection Concerns July 21

43 Allegations Against Staff, Volunteers or Agency Staff

44 Visitor or Intruder On The Premises

45 Uncollected Child

46 Missing Child

47 Death of A Children On-site

48 Incapacitated Parent

49 Locked After Children

50 E-safety

51 Key Person Supervision

52 Record Keeping Policy GDPR

53 Children’s Records and Data Protection

54 Privacy Notice GDPR

55 Confidentiality, Recording and Sharing Information GDPR

56 Client Access to Records GDPR

57 Transfer of Records GDPR

58 Staff, Volunteers and Students Policy

59 Staff Deployment

60 Lone Working Policy

61 Deployment of Volunteers and Parent Helpers

62 Student Placement

63 Early Years Practice Policy

64 Waiting List and Admissions

65 About our Childcare

66 Absence

67 Prime Times - The Role of The Key Person

68 Prime Times - Settling In and Transitions

69 Establishing Children’s Starting Points

70 Prime Times - Arrivals and Departures

71 Prime Times - Baby and Toddler Mealtimes

72 Prime Times - Intimate Care and Nappy Changing

73 Prime Times - Sleep and Rest Time 

74 Managing Separation Anxiety In Children Under 2 Years Old

75 Promoting Positive Behaviour

76 Identification, Assessment and Support For Children With SEND

77 Prime Times Transition to School

78 Progress Check At Age Two

79 Working In Partnership With Parents and Other Agencies Policy

80 Working in Partnership With Parents and Other Agencies

81 Implementation and Review Procedure

82 Policy and Procedures Implementation and Review Policy

83 Complaints Compliments Procedure