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Introducing Upsy Daisy at the nursery!

Posted 23/9/2016

Next week we’ll be introducing Upsy Daisy the teddy bear at our CK Harrow branch.

The teddy will be a guest at your child’s home, teaching the children to manage responsibilities such as feeding, caring and sharing.

Upsy Daisy has a dairy in which we would like your child to record Upsy Daisy’s adventures. Your child might like to take photos, draw some pictures, or write in the diary about what they did with Upsy Daisy (this might be pretend writing or supported, emergent writing where letters are recognisable.)

Whilst your child will need some support to record in Upsy Daisy’s diary, please encourage them to have a go independently (we are more than happy to just receive a drawing/photo of Upsy Daisy and some “pretend” writing!).

Each time Upsy Daisy returns to nursery, we will be encouraging the children to share their diary entries. Some children might feel confident enough to stand up in front of the children and share Upsy Daisy’s diary, whereas others might prefer to sit at a table with 3 or 4 children at a time.

Have fun!